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A Cup of Community, Ash Coffee Opens in VaHi November 25

Ash Coffee opens in VaHi on November 25.
November 21, 2023

A Cup of Community, Ash Coffee Opens in VaHi November 25

By Morgan Sangster

What started as a first date and a shared love of coffee is now the newest addition to Virginia Ave, Ash Coffee. Moss Mills and partner Ashley Saunders opened Ash Coffee after the idea took root in 2020 when Ashley was laid off. Three years later they found their coffee shop home in Virginia Highland.

“We explored neighborhoods all over the city. A ‘For Rent’ sign in the old BlaBla Kids space caught Moss’s eye, and the area and price seemed just right. It felt like it was meant to be,” says Ashley Saunders.

The charm of Ash Coffee Co. reflects Moss’s story and his ties to Junkman’s Daughter. With Moss’s mother being a collector, the pair has incorporated eclectic art and antiques into the shop, each item telling a different story. Saunders’ personal favorites, like the Abe Lincoln portrait and the Heck No sign, add character to the space.

While excellent coffee is the focus of Ash Coffee, what truly distinguishes the space is the carefully cultivated atmosphere. Unlike some coffee shops, there is ample space for socializing. With the goal of being more than a coffee shop and serving as a hub for community engagement such as events, live music, and art shows, the future looks bright. Ash adds, “The biggest compliment is for people to come here and keep coming back.”

Mark your calendar for Ash Coffee’s official opening on Saturday, November 25 to show your support to our neighborhood’s newest addition!

Ash Coffee Address

1189 Virginia Ave NE