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Celebrating 100 Years of Virginia-Highland Church

August 2, 2023

Celebrating 100 Years of Virginia-Highland Church

The Virginia-Highland Church

Virginia-Highland Church (VHC) marked its 100 years with a special centennial celebration service on July 23, 2023. In the weeks leading up to this day, the church reconnected with VHC alumni of the last 25 years, inviting them to attend and share their congratulations.

Rev. Cameron Trimble offered a thoughtful quote, “the last 100 years have been an extraordinary testament to the power of this inclusive, justice-filled, generous gospel that has always been at the heart of this congregation.”

The July 23 centennial service filled the pews with soul-stirring music from an alumni choir, a belly-filling brunch, and the enduring joy that has carried the church to this milestone.

VHC had to overcome more than most to arrive on its 100th anniversary. From its humble beginning in 1923 to finding its still-standing home in 1940, there was plenty of change and growth to come.

The church survived a major highway threatening to uproot church members from their homes, left the Southern Baptist denomination, and continues to fight for voting rights, LBTQ rights, women’s rights, and is actively engaged in the pursuit of racial justice.

VHC's Centennial Service - July 23, 2023
Reverend Matt Laney

In this time of reflection, there are several key individuals to acknowledge who were pivotal in the church’s journey. Rev. Michael Piazza, Rev. Cameron Trimble, Pastor Chris Glaser, and Marie Newton have each left a lasting impact on the growth and mission of the congregation. Additionally, Rev. Tim Shirley and Rev. Matt Laney have been instrumental in shaping the church’s commitment to social justice causes and their unwavering dedication to progressive Christianity.

VHC Director of Marketing and Partnerships, Trina Sargalski, summed it up well, “from our humble Southern Baptist roots, we’ve grown into a vibrant, justice-seeking, rainbow-flag-waving, hymn-belting family.”  

Peace be with you in your next 100 years, Virginia-Highland Church!