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Introducing.. VaHi 311 Task Force

December 15, 2021

Introducing.. VaHi 311 Task Force

Here to help!

The newly formed Task Force, spearheaded by our amazing neighbors, Abby Closs and Elizabeth Murthy, started earlier this month and will be meeting with ATL311 City Representatives on the first Wednesday of each month.

The goal is to work with ATL311 Communications and Escalations officers to direct Virginia Highland projects to the correct city department in order to expedite and complete requests that have already been submitted.

New to ATL311? Here is how to submit a request and how they can help!

Visit their website today –

Already have a request you would like us to check on? Fill out this form.

Please note the VaHi 311 Task Force is only here to expedite already made requests and is volunteer run to make Virginia Highland the best it can be. Please be courteous.

Thank you!