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VHCA and VHDA? What is the difference? 

How both of us advocate for your neighborhood!
February 28, 2023

VHCA and VHDA? What is the difference? 

The Virginia Highland District Association was created in 2020 to represent the North Highland business corridor. In the relatively recent emergence of business associations in Atlanta, only about 15 exist, most of which are younger than five years old. The primary objectives of the civic and business associations is to work together to advocate for the community's interests, prioritize historic and environmental preservation, and foster social responsibility, thereby enhancing the neighborhood's vitality and quality.

At a recent Town Hall hosted at Virginia-Highland Elementary, the two associations presented an overview of their missions, both separate and combined. Continue reading below to further your understanding of both the VHCA and VHDA and how they work together!

Thank you to the Virginia-Highand Civic Association for including us in the Town Hall!