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Barking up the Right Tree: Rob Glancy and Betty the Nugget Pug’s Impact on Virginia Highland

May 27, 2023

Barking up the Right Tree: Rob Glancy and Betty the Nugget Pug’s Impact on Virginia Highland

Rob Glancy, founder of RateCapital Mortgage, and his pug, Instagram famous as Betty the Nugget Pug, sat down for an interview with us at the corner of Taco Mac and Murphy’s, in the heart of Virginia Highland. As the VaHi lunch crowd bustled by, Rob and Betty flashed their smiles.

While Betty confidently posed for the camera, she politely opted out for the questionnaire segment of our time together. Instead, she preferred to wag her tail at passersby.

Rob established RateCapital Mortgage in 2002. He operates as a one person team, to which he has no complaints. He likes that his quality control is “very high,” because he is “the one who has all the customer contact.” These many personal interactions throughout the lending process set him apart in the mortgage industry.

Rob’s top priority is passing savings along to his clients and making the process as easy as possible. Boasted by over 100 five-star reviews on Zillow, Rob goes above and beyond for his clients and they appreciate his accessibility seven days a week.

His promise is simple: “Whether it’s a 70 thousand dollar condo or a two million dollar house, I make sure that everyone is overjoyed with the process and happy all the way to closing.”

Saving You Money while Saving the Environment

Take a closer look at his photo, and you’ll notice Rob’s green thumb! At just 10 years old, he developed a love for the environment while gardening with his mom. This love grew into advocacy during his college years at the University of Michigan, where he organized beach clean-ups.

Rob moved down to Atlanta in 1999 and wasted no time seeking ways to continue enhancing public spaces. In 2001, he became the Parks Chair of the Virginia Highland Civic Association (VHCA), where he served the community for a decade.

One of his projects was the very corner we sat on for the interview. Through his efforts, the area in front of Taco Mac and Murphy’s transformed into a pedestrian-friendly green space. Rob even worked with the city of Atlanta to select the perfect trees for the location. “My wife calls me the Lorax,” Rob said with a chuckle.

When Rob isn’t working, you can find him at his go-to spot, Bar.Bacoa.

Planting Seeds of Community

Rob’s commitment to the VaHi community is evident through his generous donation to the Virginia Highland District Association (VHDA). He chose to support VHDA because he believes our organization is “super dynamic.”

Porchfest has become extremely popular and he enjoys seeing how the event celebrates the neighborhood. Additionally, he is pleased to witness the success of the Virginia Highland Farmers Market and various beautification initiatives taking place.

Rob Glancy’s dedication to his business, clients, and environmental endeavors distinguishes him as a remarkable mortgage broker and valued member of the Virginia Highland community. And let’s not forget his darling pug, Betty! She has made a paw print on the community, spreading smiles everywhere she goes.