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Georgia Main Street of the Month: Virginia Highland

Virginia Highland was named the December Main Street of the Month by the Georgia Main Street Program.
December 27, 2023

Georgia Main Street of the Month: Virginia Highland

December 2023

Our team at the Virginia Highland District Association (VHDA) concluded the year with being selected as the “Georgia Main Street of the Month” for December of 2023. Our partnership with the Georgia Main Street Program began in 2020 when VHDA joined as a fellowship member, fostering close collaborations with the City of Atlanta Planning Department and establishing connections with neighboring communities in the Atlanta cohort: East Atlanta Village, Sweet Auburn, Little Five Points, and the West End.

Our community along North Highland Avenue is home to over 60 small businesses and a charming array of historic bungalow style homes. VHDA’s mission is to support economic development, public realm investment, and community engagement in Virginia Highland.

During our involvement with the Atlanta Main Street Cohort, we actively engaged with different program offerings, collaborating on initiatives like Make Music Day Atlanta, a full day of local music on the summer solstice. The Georgia Main Street program carries a broader impact statewide through many initiatives that are clearly shown through the following statistics:

  • 104 The number of Georgia Main Street Cities actively participating in the program.
  • 114 A significant count of businesses opened or expanded in 2022 across Georgia’s Main Street communities.
  • 335 The number of net new jobs created in 2022 through the collaborative efforts of the Georgia Main Street Program.
  • 976 The total number of building rehabilitation projects completed in 2022, highlighting the commitment to preserving historic structures.
  • $1,165,188,905 The total amount of private and public investment made in Georgia’s downtowns in 2022, underlining the economic vitality of Main Street communities.

These statistics underscore the collective impact of the Georgia Main Street Program on revitalizing and sustaining vibrant downtowns across the state.

As we celebrate this award to wrap up our year, the VHDA remains committed to continuing our collaborative efforts to preserve our historic district and contribute to the overall well-being of our community. Our team looks forward to the year ahead and will remain dedicated to fostering a strong sense of community and making a positive impact in our beloved historic district. As Executive Director Katie Voelpel loves to say, “community is our favorite word,” and VHDA is honored to be a part of the Georgia Main Street Program.

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