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The Kinship Experience: Where Sustainability 'Meats' Flavor

August 18, 2023

The Kinship Experience:
Where Sustainability 'Meats' Flavor

On Sunday, August 20, Kinship turns two years old and we took the chance to commemorate its journey to becoming the district’s newest and beloved toddler. “It feels like it’s been ten years, but also six months at the same time,” chuckled Rachael Pack, Co-Owner of Kinship Butcher & Sundry.

Kinship co-owners (and fiancés) Rachael Pack and Myles Moody are a dynamic duo who bring a chef-driven approach to their shop. They have previous experience working at Michelin star restaurants in New York City and came to Atlanta to pursue their dreams of opening a place of their own.

Serving Up Two Years

Kinship has been an extremely popular addition to Virginia Highland. Locals frequent the shop to enjoy a heavenly breakfast sandwich and sip an Academy Coffee creation on the sun-soaked patio. “This couldn’t exist like this in any other neighborhood. It’s the dogs, it’s the babies, I get hugs! We’re happy to be here. It’s wonderful,” Rachael told us. Kinship’s reputation as a high-quality neighborhood staple with a simple yet upscale aesthetic has also drawn in visitors from Atlanta well beyond Virginia Highland.

Kinship is dedicated to serving food sourced from local farms, bakers, and small businesses. Rachael and Myles personally visit the farms they partner with to ensure high quality and cruelty-free practices. Every item, from German riesling and fresh honey to foie butter and shishito peppers, is carefully chosen.

Another integral part of Kinship’s mission is to prevent waste by using a whole-animal butchery program. For example, their popular breakfast sandwiches are thoughtfully crafted using surplus products collected from the butcher case.

Summer Series

This summer has been an eventful one! During May and June, Kinship held their Smokin’ Sundries BBQ series, where they sold stunningly barbecued cuts of meat to raise money for the Georgia Organics Farmer Fund. They were able to donate $1,000 to this emergency relief organization that is a lifeline to farmers to help offset crop loss, replant beds, rebuild broken pipes, irrigation, equipment, relieve medical costs, and the list goes on.

The impressive BBQ weekends sold out every time, much like their Summer Wine Series. Every Tuesday from June 6 to August 1, a variety of sommeliers came into the shop to pour up their unique selections of wine and educate attendees. The Virginia Highland District crew attended the July 11 wine series, titled “Le Tour de France.” We enjoyed three delightful French wines: Camille Braun, Fleur de Chardon, and Domaine Jacky Martea, warmly presented by Jamila and Aaron of Wines for the Culture. Kinship served foie gras with mulberry preserves that Myles and Rachael bottled themselves, although Rachael joked that she kept Myles company while he did all the work. The shop was packed with smiles, sips, and many cheers raised amongst the patio of pups who tagged along.

You can also catch Kinship every Thursday from 4 to 7 pm at the Virginia Highland Farmers Market, hosted by Community Farmers Markets. The market seamlessly aligns with their mission to supply local and sustainable provisions (plus their chic tote bags) to their community. It’s conveniently located right next door in the Farm Burger parking lot! Say “Hi” to butcher Alex or co-owner Rachael if you see them at their booth.

Virginia Highland District Association proudly congratulates Kinship on their two years in the neighborhood. The shop was opened with intentions to be welcoming and comfortable to everyone, and to bring the stories and lives of local farmers and artisans to their community. It is clear that they have delivered on this promise.

If you want to pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate Kinship’s two-year anniversary, or any other special occasion, we know a great place to pick one up.